Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of everything techy, I think I hate printers the most.

After battling an hour and a half installing my dad's new wireless HP printer I feel exhausted and mentally strained. It's not that I'm technically-challened, I'm just not as tech-savvy as others. I don't think I blame the printer exactly. I think I mostly blame the, I blame the printer. It didn't help that after loading paper into the printer that it decided to swallow about five pieces, ripping the last two into shreds I had to handpick out of its internals. Honestly, I don't understand why printers hate me. I've always had problems with each one I've owned. Whatever, the deed is done.

Weather like this inspires me to write, and I don't know why I'm writing. I just feel like it. I love to write. Ever since eigth grade, when I won an award for writing a short story, I've loved to write. In a way, I need to write. I don't care if people read what I write, or even like what I write about, it's kind of like therapy - for what? Life? Sometimes. Other times, it's simply for enjoyment. Like playing my newly bought Xbox. Speaking of, I love my Xbox. I really feel like I should've bought one sooner. For the past couple of days I've just been lazing about, neglecting reading - which I overloaded myself with last week - and anything else school-wise. I have an online midterm I need to take care of before Friday, and an essay to write on a book I have yet to finish due that same day (=Thurs is cram day). The essay I'm not worried about. What I am worried about is that I have about a hundred more pages to read. The book is about America becoming a republic...needless to say, it's not the most interesting book in the world. I've been doing well, though. Admittedly, a lot of the reading I get assigned I only read about half of. And I bullshit the other chapters by simply reading the summary. It works, which is good. Another thing, I applied for a job at Macy's - strictly seasonal - to make more money to pay for school (sigh). I had an interview Tues, but no news so far. I just applied today to the Macy's at Victoria Gardens. Here's to hoping. Money is the number one issue right now. Lifeguarding basically screwed me over, and AMC is a no-go. I didn't get financial aid this year, so it's a big stress factor. All I made over the summer went to fall quarter, and the same goes for winter. Sure, I have money NOW. But by winter, all of that is going to be gone - and then what? I feel like I need to be looking for an "office job" and don't get me wrong, I've applied. But the competition is fierce, especially at my school. The only reason I chose Macy's is because I know that they give you a ton of hours during winter season, as most retail places do. But Macy's is the biggest department store hiring, and I really, really hope I get the job. Anyhoot, dinner is calling.