Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas was lovely even though it was marred by work for about 7 hours. I got to spend the morning cooking chicken Alfredo for my mom, dad, and I and baking even more cookies (so. many. cookies!) Then I headed over to the BGF's house for a DELICIOUS lunch before I had to go to work (I had to miss the Lakers game, but luckily I didn't watch it because I would've been even more pissed since we LOST...c'mon boys!) After work, I was exhausted but I hung out with a bunch of cool kids (Josh and buds), ate some more delectable food by the best baker in the world, had ONE beer, and retired around 1ish. I could not stay up; all that food and AMC-slaving got to me.

On that note, my insomnia problems have seemed to disappear overnight! I've been going to bed early for the past few days (as in 10 or 11, 'cept last night.) I don't know how it happened, but I'm going to try and keep it this way. I also got to see my beloved Vanessa two days ago and hang out with her family - her mom gets the Sweetest Mom EVER Award. Saw a movie and just Youtubed it for the most part - of course I ate way too much at her house. It was a good day - odd at one point but good. More good news: Caitie is coming home Jan. 5. More good news: Going to Santa Barbara Jan. 7-9 to celebrate birthdays and have festivities. More good news: Cousin is coming in from Korea today.

It's been a really good break. Much needed. I just hope I get New Year's Eve off. That would make it perrrfect.

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