Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My mouth is numb
Swollen lips is what you gave me
I can't say if the act was wrong or right
There's so much feeling in this quiet, hanging silently like a noose
It holds the terror of what could be
With the emotion my swollen lips could transfer
You left me bruised

When we speak it's as if nothing is completely heard
You want something that can never be
You want me
But why can't you see
Tell me why can't you see
That it can't be me

There's an awkwardness in the air
So poignant I can feel its weight
Upon the swollen lips that you gave me
Wanting to burst with words
Too afraid to say what's in my heart
And I don't understand
Why I struggle against these feelings
Biting my tongue and pursing my lips
These swollen lips that you gave me

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