Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini update.

These past few months, that is from the beginning of January until now, have been very eventful. I've gotten into a sticky situation with my best guy friend that, sad to say, is still brewing and that, as we both have admitted, is going to come to a boiling point much worse than it did in January - but we've both semi-agreed to wait until at least after my 21st birthday to face that battle...and hopefully we can make our friendship work. Also, school has been progressing nicely. I'm finally getting through all my GEs and focusing on my major. Update: I'm no longer double majoring like I was going to. I do love sociology, but double majoring was just too much for me. On that subject, I did declare a minor. And, surprisingly, I didn't choose sociology. Instead, I chose history. As of late, I've been taking a number of history classes and I've really, really enjoyed all of them. It's so weird...sometimes I find myself wondering if perhaps I'd rather be a history teacher versus an English teacher. An exciting bit of news is that I also got a private tutoring job! I tutor a five-and-a-half-year-old boy named William (he's Korean) in reading and writing. He's a very smart kid, and I love him and his little sister to death already. When he's done with school I'll also be teaching him how to swim, so it's a really big sigh of relief that I'm involved in some sort of experience-training as a future teacher. I also get paid $20 an hour, so it's a nice side job. There's also been the concerts I've been to. Sum 41 surprised me, they were so great live! A Day to Remember...a little disappointing but I still love their music. They'll be at Warped Tour this year, but I'm not dying to see them again live. I also have another concert to tack onto the list, The Dirty Heads May 7. I already know they're going to be awesome live. So many things have happened...I know I'm leaving things out, but really I'm doing it on purpose. I hope things keep going well for me. I've been having a lot of fun, this past weekend was nice/awesome/I want to do it again soon. April 29-1 I'm heading up to Santa Barbara to visit my homegirls, super excited to see them again. The weekend of May 6 is Josh's little sister's quince (which I still need to buy a dress for since I'll be an usher), The Dirty Heads, AND Josh's birthday - which is going to be CRAZY. I already know. So, bring it!

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