Monday, June 13, 2011

Semi-eventful weekend.

I decided I'd start off with my Friday morning. I saw the midnight showing of Super 8 and it was awesome. To sum it up, it was like The Goonies and E.T. got together and had a baby. The directing was superb (high-five J.J. Abrams!), the story touching, and the acting wonderful. I couldn't believe how well those kids acted. The movie reminded me so much of my childhood I couldn't help but feel nostalgic, even though I didn't grow up in the 70s (which looked wholesome and feel-good).

On Saturday my parents and I went to my dad's old military base in Los Alamitos for an award ceremony. They presented him with a very nice plaque, signed by the people he worked with during the 10+ years he worked there. It was interesting seeing my dad reunite with past buds. There's so much about my parents, about their pasts, that I want to know. It seems like at times they forget just how interesting they actually are.

As my favorite rapper Drake would say: "Oh you fancy, huh?"

Afterwards, my dad had to take off to go to work (poor fellow) and I returned home to hang out with my friend Guido (the one who's in the Marines). He's just as I remember, thankfully. Awesome and funny. We had fun catching up; there was just so much to talk about that we made plans to catch up next weekend too. He presented me with one of the best birthday gifts ever: a Russian hat from Kirghistan (who were formally Soviet ruled apparently).


(I tried looking very serious, just like a Soviet, which is probably why I came out looking super creepy - ignore shadowy cross in background. The little red star at the top has the Soviet logo stamped in the middle.)

It's a high quality hat, and I am going to try my best to incorporate it into my wardrobe come winter. I seriously love odd, rare gifts like these. I will treasure it.

Today I wanted to put in my 2 weeks for my movie theater job. I was written up for not acting like a Coked out Starbucks barista, basically. Oh, and for not selling enough AMC Stubs (which are $12). I sold one. One more than anyone else in concession, next to the new guy. I refused to sign my write up and now I'm pretty sure my GM hates me. Alas, I don't plan on staying there much longer anyhow. Did I express how much I loathe that job?

Though this didn't happen over the weekend, I finally upgraded phone-wise. From a crappy Samsung Intensity II with a cracked screen to a beautiful, pristine iPhone 4 who I named Fiona Apple after, you guessed it, Fiona Apple. I love my baby! Owning an iPhone is like having a child almost. I prepared for its arrival, buying it a case and LCD protector screen prior to her delivery. Whenever I'm holding her, I'm extra careful, like she's the most fragile thing in the world. Then there comes the fees. $30 or so a month, making sure she runs right with an unlimited data plan. Though her getting to me was a huge hassle (I hate the Verizon store in Ontario), she's finally here. I'm pretty much addicted to it already.

Oh, another thing: hung out with Josh and went to go eat some crepes after I bemoaned over what happened at work. I got the Banana Chocolate crepe. And I used a cool iPhone app called Instagram to make it look even more awesome (I love, love, love that app).

Aren't crepes the greatest?

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