Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan.

My heart goes out to those in Japan.

A massive 8.9 earthquake, a tsunami the likes of which I've never seen, and a possible nuclear much more worse can it get? I've been watching the news thrice daily, twice as much as usual, simply getting updates, particularly on what's going on with the nuclear plants.

The news just gets worse everyday. Getting the plants under control has proved ineffective...I just don't know if it will happen. The fear of what will happen after everyone "forgets" about Japan is what scares me. Just like everyone "forgot" about Hurricane Katrina, Haiti, Indonesia, etc.

I'm guilty of it. Everyone is. I'm trying hard to keep up with not only Japan but past disasters through The Red Cross. It's not much but I've donated $10 via text message to the crisis in Japan. You can also donate on their website at

All I can do is pray for the families that have lost loved ones or are still hearing news of where their loved ones are, as well as the country itself with thousands without homes and the shelters becoming overcrowded and supplies running low...

I commend the Japanese people for being so organized throughout this entire episode, coming together as a country and reaching out a hand for those in need. Seeing people come together, even after a huge tragedy, reminds me that humanity is good, no matter how bad it seems at times.

It just reminds me, helping out once isn't enough. For Hurricane Katrina my friends and I had a huge yard sale and donated the money to Habitat for Humanity. I only did one thing besides donate an additional sum for that my own country. When Invisible Children came to my school my senior year in high school I became heavily involved and a few of my classmates and I who were inspired started a club called Students in Action (SIA). It didn't work out as nicely as we'd hoped, but we tried. Invisible Children I've actually kept tabs on since I was 17. It's a great organization that helps build schools for children in Africa, among other things. Their website is

I just want to encourage people who have more than enough to give to others, to help others, to try to make the motto "Love makes the world go round" more reality than wishful thinking. It starts with one. Whatever touches your heart most, whatever cause, organization, etc. stick with it, keep helping, keep giving.

Keep changing the world.

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