Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 12: 10 things you'd like to do before you die.

Aha! I bet you thought I forgot about the 30-now-a-bajillion-day-Blog-Challenge! Well, I did not. I just haven't had the mojo to tackle a few of the days, like the ones that should include pictures since I actually want to go out and take photos of my hometown, etc (not just for the blog but as a side project for my Nikon).

So, I'll be skipping days, and picking the ones I can (want to) answer first. I picked Day 12 because I have a decent Bucket List that I've recently been tweaking since New Year's.

Grace's 10 Things to Do Before She Departs (in no particular order):

1. Live "The Dream"
Fall in love and have the person I fall in love with stay in love with me and I with him. Take note of the "stay" - basically find "The One," get married, make adorable babies, raise them to be amazing people - the whole shbang! Moving on from the boring...

2. Run a 5K.
I know I will do this. In fact, it's a goal I've made for this year and I've been "training" diligently for it. For those of you who don't know, a 5K run is about 3 miles. Which is nothing...at least it seems like nothing to me since I've been running 3 or more miles a day now (I ran 6.32 miles last night and burned 742.2 calories in an hour and 5 minutes, a personal record!) Of course, that's on ellipticals. I have yet to take my training into the "outdoors" with the elements and change in terrain (*shiver*). I've been dabbling with the resistance on the elliptical in these 3 weeks since I've joined 24hr Fitness and I now run at 5 resistance regularly; I'm looking to move that up to 10 by summer. Regardless, it's constant so I know running around town is going to be much harder to do. Still, I'm excited to complete a 5K!

3. ATTEMPT/possibly complete a marathon.
This will take me much longer than a year to prep for. I am NOWHERE near ready to try and run a marathon, which is 26 freakin' miles (I honestly KNOW I would die). And I know I sound like a lunatic but I really, really want to be one of those 40-year-olds who participate in marathons and have killer bods when I get older. So what if I'm a freak! I've embraced it and I would love to try and challenge myself physically. Besides, it's only going to do me good since I would need to organize a strict regime (oh yeah and be in the best shape of my life). On top of that, if I am somehow able to complete a marathon (can't fathom it), I'd really want to attempt (keyword here) a triathalon, which would include a 750m swim (about a half mile) - anyone in swim knows a 500yd freestyle is 20 laps, so 750m is no joke! (plus it will be in the ocean, crrrrrazy) - 20km biking (12ish miles), finishing with 5km of running (3ish, the 5K I'll be doing.) I'm thinking within the next 5 years I'll be attempting one of these!

4. Do something really, really, really dangerous and life-threatening...
...like sky-dive, bungie jump, cage dive with sharks, rock climb on an ACTUAL non-plastic mountain, or complete a triathalon (just kidding). I actually really want to try rock climbing. It looks like a good time, and not as heart-plummetingly scary as the others - yet super dangerous at the same time of course.

5. Backpack across Europe.
Oh, it's cliche. But who the hell cares?! How awesome would it be to just pack a bunch of junk into a huge backpack and live day by day, taking life stride for exploratory stride? TOO AWESOME. It would be very liberating for me since I "need guarantees" in life - and backpacking means I might not be guaranteed a place to even stay. I know people are thinking: A girl backpacking alone? Doesn't seem very safe. But I don't plan on going alone. I'd need to find an adventure-seeking partner, which shouldn't be so hard...right? Besides, I'm lucky enough to know English, which is known the world over. Like my cousin from Korea told me, if she knew English she'd just pick up and travel herself. Kind of reaffirmed how much I want to do this.

6. Visit the Motherland.
AKA South Korea. Being half Korean, it only seems natural that I'd visit the country my mother migrated from. However, I wouldn't want to go just as a tourist but as an English teacher and/or student, studying the language (as well as 'splorin') and possibly fly myself over to Japan to explore my ultimate travel destination: Tokyo. Which I'll just include as an attachment thing I want to do onto #6.

7. Continue donating my hair every year as my New Year's "Resolution."
It's just a simple act of kindness that's as easy as 1, 2, SNIP.

8. Learn to play the guitar already!
I've been wanting to learn since...forever! I've just been very lazy and it seems teaching myself to play is impossible. So, here is my step towards accomplishing that goal: I'm taking a prep guitar class at my school next quarter. Go Grace, Go! Screw you, Diego.

9. Get drunk and rowdy in a pub in Ireland (when I read your list Paloma, I gave a big hoo-ah when I saw this one.)
I've wanted to do it since I saw P.S. I Love You. Vanessa and I are convinced we'll meet our husbands in Ireland.

10. Become a teacher.
Accomplishing this goal would solidify why I "suffered" so much through school. It would tell me that it was all worth it, that landing a career I (hopefully) love IS actually possible.

I have a ton of other things I want to do on my Bucket List, but I put goals that really mean a lot to me (okay maybe not #9 even though I do want to visit Ireland, which I will when I go backpacking). Most of the other items on my list are silly little things like roll down a hill in one of those big plastic ball thingamajigs or boring-ish like master the art of baking (okay, that's not boring, more like something that's going to take tons of trial-and-error attempts) or impossible-but-it-sounds-nice-anyway like learn another language. As for now, my list stands as is. Hopefully, I'll be able to start checking these off very soon!

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