Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Harry Potter survey, HELL YEAH!

Before we start, hope everyone had a good 4th of Julio! And now, a Harry Potter survey.

Harry Potter- Tell about a scar on your body.

I have a scar on my elbow from running on the pool deck at a swim banquet my freshmen year of high school. My swim coach shouted out that there was only one cupcake left. It was worth it.

Ron Weasley- Something you’re afraid of.

Animal-wise I am terrified of star-nosed moles, especially when they eat worms. And bears. Bears freak me the hell out. Except panda bears.

Hermione Granger- A subject you know a lot about.

Easy: Harry Potter. And history/Lit.

Draco Malfoy- Closest green item to you.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : ) It's my third time reading it. I'm on Chapter Twelve: Magic is Might.

Severus Snape- Your favorite Alcoholic beverage.

Frozen margaritas, particularly strawberry.

Rubeus Hagrid- Your favorite animal.

I really love giraffes. I think a giraffe would be a pretty badass Patronus.

Luna Lovegood- Something about you other people find weird.

Haha, well, a lot of things. That I play Xbox or that I leave tips in dollar bill origami shapes. Or that I'm filling out a Harry Potter survey.

Neville Longbottom- Your favorite flower.


Nimphodorah Tonks- Something you would change about your appearance.

Um, just going back to the same pants size I was in high school would suffice haha.

Fred and George Weasley- The last prank you pulled on someone, or someone pulled on you.

I haven't really pulled any pranks lately or at least of epic proportions. I scared one of my co-workers while we were cleaning a theater this past weekend. I know, it was spectacular.

Voldemort- If you were to make a Horcrux, it would be…

First of all, I would never make a Horcrux. But, if I must, then it would be...my copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Moaning Myrtle- The last thing to make you cry.

My friend's passing.

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