Saturday, July 2, 2011


Both my relationships have with emotions. If only someone could step into my shoes. There's just no way to explain them to someone without conveying how it actually was, how they actually affected me. Sure, telling someone conveys enough. I mean, do I really want someone else feeling the way I felt? Not necessarily.


It's crazy how people have relationships, and how each relationship is completely different than any other couple's. There are similar circumstances, of course. Similar experiences so to speak. But only that couple will ever feel what they felt with one another. Only that couple will leave an imprint on the other the way they have.

I've only had two relationships. But let me tell you...two is more than enough. I wish I had experienced that "stupid-doesn't-count" relationship(s). But unfortunately, both of mine were serious. It's crazy to me mostly because they still affect me to this very day. I've learned more from them than I have from any other type of relationship. Perhaps because the topic of love is very dear to me. I'm a romantic at heart, though it may not seem like it, all I want, all I need, is love. But really...isn't that everyone?

I don't know. Recently I've been reassessing things. Not going to say what exactly. But I want to help someone. Someone I was once very close with. Fate is the deciding factor here. I'm finally over it, and I'm finally semi-understanding it. Only time will tell I suppose.

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