Sunday, July 19, 2009


Another night of no sleep. Insomnia is here to stay.

Listening to Weezer makes me want to jump around on my bed with music blasting. But I can't really do that right now, so I'm channeling my excess energy into blogging - while listening to Weezer.

Let's see, an odd thing happened tonight. After work I went with some friends to Jose's Tacos since they were hungry (and I wanted to freeload off their free and unlimited access to chips and salsa). While there, a dear friend, Obi, went to get a refill of Dr. Pepper. While filling his cup with ice I suppose he spotted a bat. Yes, the animal, flying around. He rushed back to the table to report what he saw. Naturally, we didn't believe him so we went to investigate ourselves. We didn't see anything at first, but then one of the employees pointed to a tiny black dot hanging onto a window curtain. Since it was nighttime I couldn't clearly make out the object, and I still had my doubts about it being a bat. But, after an employee threw a tortilla chip at it, it burst into flight and chased us back to our booth in fright (and some excitement). It's not everyday you find a bat flying around in a taco shop. Eventually, one of the employees smacked it with a broom and stunned it. It was actually all pretty funny (forgive us PETA for we have sinned).

Other than that, I finally decided on future girl names for my potential female children. Of this, I am very satisfied. You really start running out of things to think about when you're up on a lifeguard tower. So, I decided on two. The only thing is, I'd like to have two girls to use either of these names and since I can't really decide what sex my hoodlums will be or how many of each I'll have, I've come up with another name for a single girl. For two I've decided on Sophia (Sophie) and Olivia. I think both these names are extraordinarily adorable and suitable, and they just sound great together. For a single, I like Lily. It's also adorable. We'll see what happens with these names....

Sharing this, I'd like to show everyone how incredibly boring my job is. I often wonder what people think about at their jobs (because, let's get real, most jobs are ridiculously boring). I'd really like to know, so I'm going to make it my Question of the Week.

...I'm contemplating whether or not I should go into the topic of friends...

Nah. I'm all of a sudden tired.

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  1. Nice names!
    it's weird that i checked the day after you posted something. haha.

    My job is terrible. Because i have none.