Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do you like good music? That sweet soul music?

I should totally be sleeping...but I can't! Curses!

Music is one of my favorite things (as it is everyone's). Imagine a life without it! Misery. Still, I feel I'm more dedicated to music than the average Joe. I keep up to date on the music scene - so pretty much everything except country music (I still love you Taylor Swift.) I LOVE WHEN PEOPLE INTRODUCE ME TO NEW MUSIC! Anyway, I was texting Vanessa today when we both remarked that 2011 is the BEST YEAR IN MUSIC (in general) - or at least highly notable. Not only did Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie produce albums this year (my two favorite bands next to The Beatles) - so did/are The Strokes, Incubus, Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Sublime with Rome, Lady Gaga, Junior Boys, and, as Vanessa most recently informed me, Fiona Apple is due to release one! It's like Christmas every month almost. We'll see if any other of my favorite artists are planning releases (I'm sure I'm missing a few), but so far, so amazing!

To celebrate, I've listed their singles (or favorites - Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, The Strokes, Incubus, Adele, Arctic Monkeys, and Sublime with Rome) off their new albums so others can enjoy such musical bliss, as well as little notes and if the album's worth buying or downloading for you pirates - though you shouldn't be pirating if you truly love any of these artists.

Album out now!
Worth buying? Hell to the absolute yeah. Every single track is amazing. If you like Radiohead, and especially if you like "Lotus Flower" or their past album In Rainbows, you will love The King of Limbs. The only issue I have with the album is that it's only 8 tracks. Boo!

"Lotus Flower"
YouTube wouldn't let me embed the music video so here's the link:

Oh, and here's a spoof (THEY WERE ASKING FOR IT) on the music video for "Lotus Flower."

As for the explanation, I'll just quote myself from an article I wrote for my college newspaper Coyote Chronicle ("like" us on Facebook even though I don't have one anymore!) a few months back:

"This song is simply a beauty. You feel as if you're on a roller coaster, riding the rails up and down in slow motion, beginning at the base of the hill with plenty of bass, reaching higher and higher until you're on your way down with [Thom] Yorke's voice carrying you, floating on the gentle beating of drums and the occasional claps that sound so perfectly in-sync that your head starts nodding subconsciously to the beat. Yorke promises that 'I'll set you free' and for five perfect minutes you'll actually feel that you are."

Just a note: I totally danced to Radiohead like this before I saw this music video. Glad to know I envisioned correctly how the mastermind who creates this music dances to it. How fun is it, albeit embarrassing? Thom, we're supposed to dance to your music like this IN PRIVATE. But I forgive you for revealing your dance moves, you amazing, amazing musician you. You better dance at your concerts from now on. (I cry-laughed the first time I saw the video FYI. Didn't you?)

Death Cab for Cutie
Album Due: March 31 (as in TUESDAY OF THIS UPCOMING WEEK!) The new album will be called Codes and Keys. I can't recommend it yet...ohwhothehellamIkidding? DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE NEVER EVER EVER EVER FAILS. All their albums are pieces of art and each album is one I treasure.

"You Are a Tourist"

Nom nom nom. You know it's Death Cab for Cutie from the first note. I love this song, it's so encouraging and uplifting and really, really makes me want to get out of this town! I must say, I'm not entirely used to it. Sure, they've had happy songs but for the most part they're very depressing. BUT because Ben Gibbard (the lead singer, the same lead singer from Postal Service in case you didn't know, Gibbard also has gone solo) is now married to Zooey Deschanel (just last year; she is the voice behind the band She & Him, which I adore) I think his songs will be more on the happy side, as they should be.

Can you say cutest musician couple ever?

Note: I really miss the chubby, cute Ben Gibbard. He was too adorable.

The Strokes
Album out now!
Worth buying? I admit it took me awhile to like each song on the album. I had to listen to the album thrice over before I completely...FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! I would highly recommend buying it, especially if you've never heard of them before (but probably heard them on the radio) and really like their sound (because their entire album sticks to that indie electric guitar-y-ness - as do their past albums). These hipsters deliver. And there's nothing quite like a Strokes-y guitar solo, is there? Best electric guitar compilations of today. The album is called Angles.

"Under Cover of Darkness"

Album Due: July 12th. Can't say whether or not I'll love this one as much as past albums (but I must admit I was only a semi-fan of Light Grenades - their last album - though I had a few definite favorites off that album) but from the sounds of "Adolescents" I have a very, very good feeling that I will be a huge fan. I literally just put this song on repeat all day. So great. Their new album will be called If Not Now, When?


Note: Brandon Boyd is my man! Seriously. I've loved Incubus since 6th grade, and have always loved Mr. Boyd. He is my #1 musician (in looks). He just oozes sex. The way he sings. His lyrics. His tattoos. How he plays the guitar. Um, the way he LOOKS. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. From 6th grade until now, you're still my #1. Now that's what I call loyalty! (And good genes!)

Album out now!
Worth buying? Adele's voice is so powerful and she is so, so talented (I often fantasize about having her voice, I'm such a dweeb) it's ridiculous that she also has songs that are so deep and meaningful and wonderful. Lots of piano and the array of instruments that her songs bring to the surface definitely hit a chord with me (nice pun, huh?) - they're just displayed so nicely intermingled with her deep, womanly vocals (such range!). This album is probably going to be more appreciated by the girls than the boys, but I don't think that me saying that should defer any gentlemen from giving it a listen. She has talent, there's no denying it, even if her genre of music is not up your alley. The album is called 21.

"Rolling in the Deep"

To show just how amazing she is, here's a live version:

And no, I have no idea what she says at the end.

Note: "Rolling in the Deep" reminds me a lot of my last relationship, and it's weird, but somehow I appreciate it more because of that. (And what's with super cockney British women having such powerful, awesome voices? See: Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen - she has the sweetest "Fuck You" song ever, and yes, it's literally named that - sorry Cee Lo but it's better than yours, Kate Nash, etc. Anyway, Winehouse needs to get back in the game ASAP.)

Arctic Monkeys
Album out now!
One of my top 10 favorite bands. Alex is a genius. And his acoustic sets make me drool. They are perfect, and he is so British it makes me want to squeeze him tight and never let go (I have a thing for British artists it seems, blame it on my love for The Beatles). Arctic Monkeys is growing into a "legendary band," and you can hear it. I feel a part of a very special experience when I listen to these two songs. In short, BUY THIS ALBUM ASAP! It is their best one yet! It's called "Suck It and See." Please do yourself a favor and download their album RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.

"Suck It and See"

"Be cruel to me because I am a fool for you" is my favorite line from "Suck It and See." Oh, man. Have I felt just like he has. "You have got that face that just says, 'Baby, I was made to break your heart.'" Goosebumps.

But my favorite song (I know, already) has to be "Love is a Laserquest" (his emotions get the best of him at the end):

It's about growing up and realizing what being in love truly is, what love truly means, and how it is when your heart gets broken - and how you just can't forget no matter how much you want to. It's amazingly deep and I feel like he made this song especially for me and my first ex-love. "And I convince myself I need another, and for a minute it gets easier to pretend that you were just some lover." I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually started crying when this song ended. Seriously. I didn't realize it until the end when I tasted salt on my lips and my cheeks all of a sudden felt wet. I was surprised and amazed.

Sublime with Rome
Album Due: July 12th. It's going to be called Yours Truly. The single "Panic" is an original by Rome. Anyone who knows me knows I love reggae, ska, etc., it's so fun and energetic - I love it! Anyway, Rome's no Bradley - obviously! And I hate when people compare them. OBVIOUSLY he's not Bradley, idiots. Anyway, Rome is awesome and I really like his stuff. He covers Sublime songs with zeal and other songs brilliantly. I'm definitely seeing these guys in concert (the most affordable band on my list!) No excuses.


TI's "Whatever You Like"

That concludes this entry. I just have one last thing to say...

Do you like good music? Kudos to whoever knows what song my title is from.

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