Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today was a good day.

Ah, yes, Ice Cube, today was a good day indeed.

I spent the entire (and I mean ENTIRE) day with my parents. We did a whole bunch of random things including going to Barnes & Noble where I bought something I am very excited about (which I will reveal in a later blog). My parents and I also watched the movie Julie & Julia. What a GREAT movie it turned out to be. I was expecting a big flop to be honest. But Meryl Streep was just lovely (and brilliant) as Julia Child and Amy Adams wasn't annoying at all. I give movies a grade A for a number of reasons, and a big one is for inspiring the audience (or me). And this movie, as you can guess, did just that. Everything about it was so great from the acting to the story. I could relate to it so much. And I can't cook worth a penny! My dad has a Julia Child cookbook and I'm going to start cooking from it tomorrow. My dad and I are going to make mussels, and then I'm going to venture further on my own.

Lately I've become determined to be more productive with my time. Which is awesome and something I haven't felt motivated to do for some time. With my bouts of loneliness, it's hard to focus your energy on anything other than sadness. Sometimes it takes a good kick in the head to unravel you and get you back on track.

And sometimes it takes a great movie.

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