Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

This is a VERY recent picture of me. I was a flapper for Halloween hence the headband and feather in my hair.

My day has been...slow. Just a really lazy day. I didn't get into bed until around six or six thirty this morning since I made a late-night pit stop at my bestie Josh's house coming back from Santa Barbara. I ended up staying there way longer than anticipated, watching Hocus Pocus (awesome: "Sistersss!!!") and talking until the late AMs about life, love, and the pursuit. It was very fun, and a great way to end the weekend. I didn't wake up until around two in the afternoon, which is when I realized I was sick. It's just a sore throat so I have hope that it will pass swiftly. I guess I left my wallet at Josh's house earlier so he dropped it off at my house around three since he had had an interview at Macy's and had the car anyway (he got the job, that lucky kid). We watched about half of Star Wars Episode I since Spike is, for some reason, playing it ALL day today and then he had to leave to pick up his little sister from school. From there I updated my Xbox 360 which took awhile, and found out that I need to renew my Gold subscription...which sucks since that means I have to wait until tomorrow to play Halo: Reach online. I made a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup, watched an episode of That 70's Show and am now writing this EXTREMELY boring blog entry! Hooray. I'm also simultaneously procrastinating. I have to write a paper on Wal-Mart and capitalism, and I REALLY don't want to. But I better get to it, sorry for my lame re-cap, but the challenge required it!

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