Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3: About your friends.

Wow...I don't think there's enough room in my blog to talk about my friends. They're honestly a blessing, much more than I deserve. I have about 5 friends in my life that I can't see myself ever losing - these 5 are my closest friends, but I have a handful more that are very, very dear and important to me. To make sure I don't go overboard in this entry, I'll limit my talk to those 3 I consider my best friends.

1. Caitie
Caitie has been my best friend since 5th grade. Even though it sounds extremely cheesy and "fake" I mean it with all that I am when I say that she is my soulmate. I won't go into so much detail with her since there's going to be a whole blog entry on her in the next few days, but it is true that no matter how much I write or say, nothing could ever explain the love I have for this person. Nothing.

2. Vanessa
We met in 7th grade and from there, there was no turning back. When I think about our friendship, it honestly amazes me. Vanessa went to school with me up until sophomore year when she moved. At that point, even though I had my fears about us growing apart, a part of me knew that we'd stay close. And we did. When she got into the University of Maryland (her dream school), I was happy and distraught at the same time. I was happy for her - that she was going to the school she'd dreamt about - but the distance...I had mixed feelings. Despite it, our friendship has proved strong. There's so much to say about Vanessa. She's such an individual, so unique, and so caring and ambitious and clever and quirky and I said, I could go on forever. It's hard not to love this girl, it really is. We've had such amazing memories, ones that I'll remember for the rest of my life. Vanessa gets me, she accepts me. People love her and I understand why. She's an inspiration. Sure, she's a busybody and sometimes I feel worried she takes on too much - but she gets it done and goes beyond expectations - and still manages to balance friends and family. I don't get to see her all the time, but when I do, it's like Christmas and everything falls back into what it was. I'm not sure how else to explain our friendship except that she and I will grow old together as the dearest of friends and that I'll be there for her always, no matter what life may bring.

3. Josh
My BGF. I've known this kid since I was 10. In high school I thought he was from an alien planet. A jock OBSESSED with football. He dated seniors as a freshmen. He was popular. I've known his family since I was a kid, and they were awesome. He had a perfect life to me in a lot of ways. When I found out he liked me at the end of my freshmen-going-into-sophomore-year summer, I was bamboozled. He I was a nerd. I still had braces and I JUST started wearing contacts at the beginning of freshmen year. He dated white, big booty hoes who played volleyball! And he likes me? We dated for two and a half years, and I found out a lot about the boy I thought I somewhat knew. He fell in love with me and I thought I fell in love with him. By the time I found out it wasn't so, I was too much of a coward to break up right away and I screwed up the incredible bond we'd shared. I got into another relationship two and a half months after we broke up (fucking asshole, I know) and we didn't talk (obviously) for a little over a year and a half (well, we talked a little). He had gone crazy after we broke up and went wild, and I thought I had lost the boy I knew. Eventually he found another girlfriend (who I thought was fake for the longest time!) who he fell in love with. It was a long-distance relationship though, and of course drama ensued. Around this time, my relationship was failing too and that's when we started hanging out again. I would have hung out with him earlier but I didn't out of respect for my former ex (retarded). We went on a "Fuck Love" campaign, and went crazy for a few months ourselves. We've made a ton of memories healing though, and thank God I had him to heal with because I was a mess. Josh is about the SILLIEST human being alive. Sometimes all I can say is "Woooooow" - literally. But he always manages to make my day 1,000,000,000x better. He's the definition of what a friend is, and more. Basically, I know Josh will be there for me - even if we stopped talking for some reason I know I could count on him to help me with whatever might be happening. I've called him my 24/7 on-call friend and he truly is that. We fight a lot, but NEVER hold grudges. Truth is, we understand each other even when we think we don't.

And that concludes this entry. A note, however, is that my good friend Guido left to Afghanistan just yesterday. And I miss him and will be praying for his safe return everyday. He's very dear to me.

I HATE that he had to leave.

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