Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Before lab.

I realize I haven't been writing as much as I vowed to do at the beginning of the year. Not sure if it's because my life has been busy - mostly false - or just boring as of late. School is trudging by - there's not much to say on that front except I need to fill out my FAFSA ASAP, as in yesterday. Coming up events: A Day to Remember April 5th! Super excited about that one. Comic Con July 23rd. Also super excited (despite it being a complete pain to purchase). One comment on the latter. Turns out my ex will also be in attendance that particular day at Comic Con, which was very unexpected considering...he doesn't even read comic books. Still, I guess it's acceptable-ish to go despite that (even though I wouldn't have - as mentioned - expected it). I'm going with my friends Carlos and Cindy since Caitie and Loyd weren't able to snag tickets. Meaning I will probably come in contact with him, which is something I've been trying my best not to do. Ever. Again.

Still, that's months away and it's not something I'm even remotely worried about. More like an interesting albeit annoying factoid.

I've just been trying to have as much fun possible this year...but bad things have transpired (though now fixed) and not just to me but to people I'm close with. I'm not sure if Warped Tour will happen this year or not...I wouldn't really want to go without Josh, and if things don't start looking up for him, it probably won't happen. Another note of interest, Packers won the Super Bowl Sunday - managed to get home early enough to watch most of the game from work! Yesterday, Josh and I took off to the beach to drown away life's frustrations and explore uncharted territory (for us) AKA Laguna Hills. (FYI, Laguna is far superior to Laguna Hills, I have no desire whatsoever to return in my life.) The beach was amazing - it's not our favorite place to be for nothing. I can't express how badly I wish I could live by the ocean (again)....

Makes me almost want to change my profession to something that will earn a higher salary....Almost.

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