Friday, February 25, 2011

Overthinking things is my problem.

There are a number of obstacles I will need to tackle in the oncoming weeks.

They will be difficult, but only if I make them difficult. I can never just relax about a situation. I always let my nerves take over and turn it into something more destructive than it really is.

I think that's the thing I most dislike about myself. The fact that I over think things way too much sometimes. It's like I can't ever fully relax. I'm usually on edge over something - and maybe that's just life handing me the lemons it will always be handing me. But it's like I make these teeny issues into "situations" like my brain computes them as "DANGER: YOU WILL BE FACING A HUGE-ASS ISSUE, PREPARE FOR SELF-DESTRUCTION" when it actually shouldn't require any brainpower at all. Just go in, do what you need to do, and finish the job. I just can't switch that off - that turning-little-things-into-big-things issue.

But I'm going to try and work at it. My first obstacle takes place sometime next week.

Let's see how I fare.

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