Monday, May 4, 2009


Blogging. I never thought I'd actually get into this so much, but here I am with my very own blog. First off, I'd like to say (or reiterate) that this is really for my own personal enjoyment, as I know blogging implies. On account of my being the laziest person I know, the ideal dream of owning a journal with cute little pictures and swirly handwriting has been dashed by such extreme laborious penmanship that a blog has become its solution. I've always wanted a diary ever since I read The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank in the fifth grade. But why not settle for a blog? Sure, the drawbacks include not being able to gaze at my horrid all caps handwriting and crossed out messiness that cuts down my paragraphs into two or three sentences, but just look at the pros:

You get to read it.

Of course, you don't have to comment my entries. I simply want some kind of personal documentation that I existed on this planet, and since it's on the world wide web, I know it's pretty much a given that my blog will remain in cyberspace forever (creepy echo). Instead of leaving my kids a bound-up journal which they would have to decipher like a plumber looking at a wall of hieroglyphics, I'll leave them with a website. Presumptuous of me to determine how long I'll live, but if I do live long enough to be Grandma Grace, I'll leave this world a hipster.

With that said and done, I conclude my prelude.

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