Monday, May 11, 2009


"Nyc" by Interpol has been my song of choice for the past week and a half now. My second favorite song by Interpol I decided, next to "Public Pervert" (remixed version cannot be replaced). This song gets me in the mood to travel, and I'm finding myself missing the city. By that I mean I'm missing The Big Apple, New York City. There's something so...magical about it. So exciting. You can never be bored, there's always something to do. It's so culturally diverse, you find yourself swimming in its ethnic stew as soon as you step off the plane. It's dangerous, it's a thrill. I haven't been to New York since my sophomore year, and only once before when I was eleven. Both times I stayed a week. I've only been in New York for two weeks total. More than most people, less than a lot of people. They say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. This I believe wholeheartedly. I miss the excitement that city produced within me. It's so big, so daunting, so...alive.

The city is alive.

That's the best way to describe it. In a way so much more spectacular than Los Angeles, so much more "classy." Don't get me wrong, I love L.A. I love Los Angeles like a cholo who has its initials inked on his back, but I love NYC indefinitely more. Right now, that's where I wish I was - out at a corner cafe, sipping coffee, staring out at the lights that, despite its example of wasteful energy, provide breathtaking man-made scenery. So there is something we can (somewhat) do right.

More than that, I wish I were in New York with the people I miss the most. My best friends, my boyfriend. Imagine the fun we'd have.

I smile just thinking about it, because that's all I can do. But I smile more because maybe, just maybe, one day it will happen.

I came back to Santa Barbara this morning after spending Mother's Day weekend at home. It's terrible because I'm actually getting used to coming back, it's still difficult, but now that the end of the year is approaching the sadness lasted only seconds. I'll be back home very soon. In fact, in less than a month. As for what I did this weekend, nothing too explosive, though thoroughly enjoyable.

On Saturday my boyfriend and I saw the movies Star Trek and Earth. I'm not going to talk about Earth because, quite frankly, it's not worth it. But I will happily talk about Star Trek. What a pleasant, pleasant surprise that movie turned out to be. I was expecting the worst (as I usually do), figuring Abrams wouldn't be able to execute the brilliant fantasy that is Star Trek as well as Lucas did with the first four Star Wars films (yes, I just included Star Trek and Star Wars in one sentence AND I compared them), but, like I sometimes am, I was enjoyably wrong. So much so that I highly recommend everyone see it if they're looking for a good time. It has the right amount of action, a fun plot, and the original Spock makes an appearance - how much more do you want from a fantasy film? It's just an all-around fun movie. I'm not saying it's groundbreaking, but they did outdo themselves I must admit. "Two thumbs up!" I predict.

Other than a movie, I spent Mother's Day lunching on chachamyung, or brown noodles, which is simply a bowl of noodles mixed with special brown sauce (usually includes onions and thin, vertical cucumber slices for an added crunch, with bits of marinated meat) - one word: Delicious! We also shared sweet, fried shrimp and a big bowl of rice. Afterward, we went to Handel's (BEST ice cream on the west coast if I do say so myself) where we shared Banana Cream Pie ice cream in a waffle cone for $4 (we couldn't even finish it). Conveniently, there was a little spa about three stores down from Handel's and we had ourselves a pedicure, her choice of color being red and mine being pearly white. It was a fun day having my mom lovingly lecture me about anything and everything - I didn't mind, I missed the woman incredibly. And I could tell she missed me by how much she lectured me. Our own way of expressing deep emotion. I just wish I had executed the holiday a bit dad always outshines me in the gift department - he bought her flowers AND gave her money! I thought I was the one who was supposed to do the gift-buying? Alas, I do feel bad. I had a shipment order I told my mom to look out for and I stupidly forgot that that upcoming weekend was Mother's Day. She thought it was for her. It must have been slightly upsetting when I tore open the box only to reveal the gifts I had gotten Guido for his birthday - I don't think sometimes. How do I know she was a little upset? She told me, and my dad. So, I guess he felt bad and bought her flowers to one-up me and gave us lunch money. At least her husband is thoughtful. I really need to think things through and not be as spontaneous so much; it's not always a good thing. I have poor planning when it comes to holidays, birthdays, etc. Particularly anniversaries. I only mention this because Daniel and I's one year is coming up, and I have all my ideas stored in my mind, but no way in which to execute them correctly. I really need to get started on that. I just see things, get a great idea, purchase, then rethink it and realize that, maybe, it wasn't such a "great" idea after all. I'll tell you how that goes, though.

But, anyway, Extravaganza '09 is coming up this weekend, May 16, and I'm getting a bit excited about it. Cold War Kids, Girl Talk, and The Cool Kids are among the top performers I want to see...even though Ludacris is the headliner of the event. Whatever, I like me some Luda, I'll get down and shake my money maker. I'm not sure if it's only for UCSB attendees or not, but if it turns out not to be I'll make a note of it. That's about it for today, I'm off to go to the gym and maybe watch Y Tu Mama Tambien with Joana, energy permitting.

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  1. Luda just came to my school's Art Attack.

    I shook my moneymaker. Like someone was about to pay me. I also thuh-thuh-threw them bows.

    You'll enjoy. He was Gurrreat.