Friday, May 29, 2009


Yesterday was my one year with Daniel, and though it probably wasn't altogether fulfilling for him, I feel happy - and an even better word meaning the same thing - content. We split a large pizza with mushrooms, pineapples, and sausage - and I'm still feeling the side-effects. I am stuffed, hours after the pizza guzzling. The gifts I got him were a futuristic, NASA-inspired ant farm to keep its ant inhabitants thriving without the need for food or water (he liked this), a handmade card (that took forever and was very laborious), and a tape recording (since he prefers hearing things versus reading things). He gave me another Woot shirt, which I'm beginning to realize is a trend, which I really like; it has two fish swimming upstream on one side (I'm the red one and he's the blue one) and he also gave me a really cool old-looking box with a weird Cubix-like toy shaped into a heart inside, surrounded by rose peddles. Reflecting back on it, I realize we're huge nerds. But I really liked my gifts, now I'm simply waiting for my letter and a few other things he got me, which I'm assuming I'll get once I come home. In his words, he's lagging it. Which is fine since I'm lagging it with his mixed CD. I only wish he could have stayed...alas, it was not to be. His car, a Nissan of course, broke down multiple times while he was here. Him driving home was...scary to think about. But he made it. Thank the Lord. Santa Barbara really doesn't like him...or his car.

It seems like this past year flew by in the blink of an eye, and yet, when you really think about it, so, so, incredibly slowly. Like when you think about being ten and realize how fast time flies, except now the memories are fresh and it seems like that year seemed to just drag on and on and on. I know I'll have those same feelings of this year for the rest of my life - of it just dragging on and on and on. I remember the times where I thought the school year would never come to an end, and I'd feel like balling until I couldn't produce any more tears. Good thing those days are behind me because I wouldn't be able to handle any more of them. I'm finally leaving this dreadful school to be reunited with my one true love and family and real people, not identical clones. I've never been more excited for anything in my life. And that's saying a lot.

Destination: Fontana
Allotted time: 12 days

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